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Tradurre è un’arte / Translation Is an Art

Tratto dalle conclusioni della mia tesi di Laurea triennale:

Tradurre è un’arte. Ogni testo tradotto è un disegno su tela, e sta al traduttore decidere quali colori utilizzare per trasmettere il senso del testo originale al suo pubblico. Le traduzioni effettuate sono da ritenersi una delle possibili interpretazioni dei testi. Un altro traduttore potrebbe renderli in modo diverso […] Comunque, il risultato finale è sempre la trasmissione, nella lingua e nella cultura di arrivo, di un testo legato a una cultura e a una lingua di partenza.

From the Conclusions part of my Bachelor’s Degree thesis:

Translation is an art. Each translated text is a drawing on a canvas, and it’s up to the translator to choose which colours to use in order to convey the meaning of the source text to its public. The translations I did should be considered one possible interpretation of the original texts. Another translator might translate them differently […] By the way, the final result is always the transmission, in the target language and culture, of a text which is tied to a source language and culture.

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You really learn something while translating!

I’m back! I know, I haven’t posted in here for almost 3 weeks, but I have been busy with my studies.

I graduated in Translation and Liaison Interpreting!

I wrote a translation thesis (from English into Italian) about interpreters working on television. I translated two texts and wrote a comment, in which I explained the translation methods and the strategy I used. There were also references to technical terms, words used in a particular sense, idiomatic expressions and the typology of the texts I translated (not in that order!). It took me about 6 months to finish my thesis (I also had to study for the last 3 exams), but I enjoyed this experience from the very first moment, because I considered it as an opportunity to learn something new, and to start putting what I have learnt in the last 3 years into practice. I felt like I was translating a book! It was a very enriching experience, because it wasn’t just another translation exercise this time, but an opportunity to “take a closer look” at how a translator actually works. In addition, even if it may sound banal, I learnt words, concepts, expressions and idioms I had never heard before (I actually am a fan of idiomatic expressions and proverbs in any language).

Some lessons I have learnt:

  • learning how to proofread a translation well is very important. I think that proofreading is a task that should be done very thoroughly.
  • sometimes you might think that a translation is never really finished, because you happen to think about ways in which you might improve it (for example, you realize that “y” sounds better than “x” in that context)  everytime you (proof)read it… but at a certain point you also have to realize you have come to a possible final version of the text.
  • I discovered a domain I would like to specialize in.
  • For technical terms, it is better to use parallel texts or online glossaries than to use a dictionary, because you might not find them there. Thank God for the Internet! It is a very precious resource for translators/interpreters.